How Peacemaking Helps Frame the Context of Anabaptism, Sexuality, and Higher Education

An extremely important corrective from the always-brilliant Jared Burkolder.

The Pietist Schoolman

The first of two guest posts this week comes from our friend Jared Burkholder, chair of the History and Political Science Department at Grace College.

The rhetoric that has surrounded the recent controversy in the CCCU and the departure of Goshen College and Eastern Mennonite University has underscored, at least for me, the way Anabaptist identity
continues to be misconstrued by many evangelicals. It has also highlighted the dualistic rhetoric that can be common among conservatives. Others could more effectively unpack the concerns I express below, but in watching this story play out, I wonder if Anabaptist notions of peacemaking, which surely make up part of the relevant context for these policy changes at Goshen and EMU, have received enough attention. (Though Chris has certainly pointed readers to this context in his coverage of this story.)

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I do not often recommend dipping into the acidic pool of comments that follow online coverage

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