Saracen Lumps: Medieval Islamophobia Today

Yet another instance of the many ways in which ideas and texts from the Middle Ages are (erroneously) hijacked into the service of racial and religious hatred. I’m reblogging these, in part, to keep track of them, and will be adding a post on one of my own such discoveries (hopefully!) soon.


Googling the word “saracens”, the first three pages of results are mostly about sports teams. So when I saw this story about anti-Muslim hate crime in Cumbernauld, Scotland, I was struc…

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White Nationalism and the Ethics of Medieval Studies — In the Middle

I’ve been absent from blogging–in the process of recovering from heart surgery–for quite a few months now. I also don’t often reblog others’ work, but in this case I’m glad to begin the process of re-starting Surfingedges with what I think is one of the most important blog posts in Medieval Studies for the coming year, highlighting the importance of medieval studies in combating racism and white supremacism. I’ll follow up with some of my own work on this issue next, but this article is certainly the place to begin.

A guest post by Sierra LomutoBy now we probably all know about the National Policy Institute, an innocuously named white supremacist think tank that held their annual conference at the Ronald Reagan Building in Washington, DC on November 19th. The not-so-subtle yet still coded conference title “Become Who We Are” served as a call to…

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