On Spiritual Authority, Gender, and Weird Diagrams with Umbrellas

submission-umbrellasYou know, every time I see this diagram I wonder why its creator assumes the necessity of layers of protection from the “rain” beyond Christ, as though his protection is so prone to failure that it requires backups. It’s like: When it rains, the main protection is Christ, but if there happens to be a hole in Christ (I mean, I guess that’s fair–five of ’em), then it rains on both Christ and the husband. If there’s a hole in the husband, it rains on Christ, the husband, and the wife. And if there’s a hole in the wife, it rains on Christ, the husband, the wife, and the children and home get wet. Doesn’t seem like all that bad a situation as long as it’s bath time and you’re stocked up on paper towels